Great oils, great specialties
Ursini is in Fossacesia in the heart of Abruzzo, the green region of Abruzzo, a wonderful land in which the calling has always been olive growing. Ursini is a family before being a company, a group of olive growers and its fruits who were considered master expert since the nineteenth century for advice on caring for olive groves. Today such knowledge is enriched and expanded into various forms of producing oil, benefitting from the creativity and innovation innate in the DNA of the Ursinis: the incomparable extra virgin in all its expressions, but also many food specialities with new and surprising flavours, albeit linked to tradition and with the common denominator of extra virgin olive oil.

Very light and delicate on the nose and palate Ursini oils have a unique character, the fruit of ongoing research, such as Opera Mastra and Tandem, top-quality extra virgin olive oils, and Gentile di Chieti, mentioned by Guida Oli Slow Food, or Terre dell’ Abbazia, the perfect blend of several varieties. The new proposals of Absolute and Combined Oils, specifically designed to be paired with meat, fish, vegetables and salads. Ursini is not only about Great Olive Oil, but also Great Specialties such as Pestati, ideal for appetizers of any time of the day, classic Delicacies in oil or such as newly concept and unique Stuffed Delicacies. Expanded and renewed the line of sauces, with or without tomato, from Amatriciana, Arrabbiata, Gricia to latest creation, Salt Cod and Saffron and Turnip Top Pesto.
An offer of absolute quality which does not permit compromises and allows the freshness of the best raw materials to be enjoyed all year long.