Florence since 1961
A very Italian tea passion. 
Since 1961.

The family company La Via del Tè was set up in 1961 in Firenze, through the enterprising spirit of Alfredo Carrai, a true visionary introducing the culture of tea in Italy, an historically “coffee-oriented” country, occasionally accustomed to bagged tea.
Thanks to him, the best quality whole leaf teas as well as completely unknown varieties such as Oolong, white, specialty green teas from China and Japan, were available for the first time in Italy.
After more than fifty years the business is still family: along with Alfredo and his wife Lalla the six sons – grew up with tea as a snak, tea at breakfast, lunch and dinner-joined in the company. 
The Italian natural sensibility for good drinks and good food is part of us, thus leading to take care of the whole process: selecting and importing the best crops from the growing countries, controlling the quality, tea blending, study of the packaging of La Via del Tè collections, each step is carried out looking for balance between innovation and Florentine artisan tradition.
The product lines are designed specifically for different distribution channel and La Via del Tè is today available in top-bracket hotels and resorts, department stores, historical cafés, starred restaurants, gourmet and specialty stores with a constant growth in export, a further recognition of the quality and the Italian packaging.  
The first La Via del tè store opened in 1997 in Firenze. The concept store idea born from the idea of applying the Italian food sensibility to create an unique tea experience in a warm, elegant ambient. This is the place where the new blends and recipes are “tested” through direct contact with the end consumers and their opinions.
La Via del Tè has three shops in Florence, one in Turin, and the last opened in Brera, Milan.
Tea is an universal drink with thousand sensory nuances; tea speaks of the ease of familiar movements, comfort and refined rituals and our goal is to share our passion and make every cup of tea a unique experience.